Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Paul Young Artwork

Two new original pieces by Cartoon Saloon Co-founder and CEO Paul Young! : D

Paul is an IFTA winner and Oscar ® and Bafta nominee. He produced the animated features, The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea & The Breadwinner.
Paul also produced two seasons of Puffin Rock and is Chairman of Animation Ireland, the representative body for animation studios in Ireland as well as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year finalist.
2018 was the inaugural year of Kilkenny Animated, a festival of visual storytelling co-founded by Paul to showcase the talents and profiles of world-renowned illustrators, designers, animators and cartoonists. 

And he still finds the time to draw political cartoons! 

Thank you so much Paul! : )

Kieron Arkins Artwork

A new cool original by Kieron Arkins! : D

Kieron is the Production Manager in Cartoon Saloon TV series Dorg Van Dango and he doesn't do bios XD

Thanks so much Kieron! : )

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ludo Gavillet Artwork

A new original painting by Artist Ludo Gavillet! : D 

Ludo grew up in a small village near Lausanne in Switzerland. He moved in France to study animation and graduated in 2012 from Bellecour Ecole in Lyon with the short film « Monsterbox ». He then moved to Paris to work at Illumination Mac Guff, the French studio behind the Minions. He worked as a color artist and character designer on « The Secret Life of Pets », Despicable Me 3 » and « The Grinch ». After five wonderful learning years, he decided to leave both Illumination and Paris for new adventures.
His road lead his baby son, his wife and him to Kilkenny last year, where he joined Lighthouse studio’s crew as lead background artist. He just finished his work there and he’ll be joining Cartoon Saloon soon for Wolwalkers

This watercolor is the inside view of Lighthouse Studio’s entrance gate in Saint Kieran’s.

Thanks so much Ludo! : )

Océane Bernard Artwork

A new signed print by Artist Océane Bernard! : D

Océane is a Background Artist on Pete the Cat in Cartoon Saloon and this beautiful A3 print is a background from her short film THE RAINMAKER.

Thanks so much Océane! : )

Darren Fox Artwork

Artist Darren Fox presents...! : D

"The Gaze of the Many", hand printed Linoprint.

Darren is a Junior Background Artist in Cartoon Saloon working on Pete the Cat. What he lacks in sleep, he makes up for in coffee.

Darren likes Watercolors, Print making and weird movies.

Thanks so much Darren! : )

JB Vendamme Artwork

Attention! Seven signed A3 prints by JB Vendamme! : D

JB is a Character Designer, Development Artist, Background colourist and Sculptor based in Ireland. Past projects include the feature films The Secret of Kells and The Breadwinner and is currently part of the Pete the Cat Background team in Cartoon Saloon.

Thank you so much JB! : )

Sergio García Artwork

A new original piece by Sergio García! : D

Sergio is from sunny Malaga (Spain), where he started studying Fine Arts in 2012. Later he moved to Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia) to finish his studies and to specialize in animation and preproduction. 2 years later, after finishing his grade, he got his first job in Lighthouse as an Animator in Bug Diaries where he still is, learning and enjoying every day.  

He loves Animation and all sorts of visual design, specially character design. He is always sketching silly doodles wherever he finds a piece of paper (or any kind of surface for that matter). Music and folklore stories from different cultures are currently a big inspiration for his art.

Thanks so much Sergio! : )

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Katie Gaudig Artwork

A new gorgeous ceramic by Katie Gaudig! : D

Katie is a Ceramic Artist based in Ireland. Her unique ceramics are made of earthenware clay with glazes and stains, every piece is handbuilt. Her next exhibition is now on, check it out!

Thanks so much Katie! : )

Paul Bolger Artwork

Three new original pieces by Writer, Director, Artist and sometimes musician Paul Bolger! : D

Paul returned to Waterford in 2006 after almost three decades of working in the international entertainment business. During that time he had animated for such legends of feature animation as Don Bluth, Richard Williams and Ralph Bakshi on movies like "The Land Before Time", "All Dogs Go To Heaven", "Cool World" and "The Thief and The Cobbler". His more recent animation work includes directing the feature Happily N'Ever After and working with Aardman on "The Pirates", "Shaun The Sheep Movie" and "Arthur Christmas".

Since basing himself back in the South East Paul has written (with co-writer Barry Devlin of Horslips fame) and drawn graphic novels which resulted in his acclaimed HOUND trilogy retelling the life and time of Irish mythical hero Cú Chulainn. Hound is being developed into a major live-action feature film with support from The Irish Film Board and Northern Ireland Screen. The limited hardback edition of HOUND is almost sold out and Paul is in talks with international publishers to release a collected paperback edition in the near future. There is also an Irish language edition of all 3 books on release from 

You can find out more about Hound here - 

Paul is currently developing a slate of animated feature film with co-creator Barry Devlin, designing a top secret feature film for international clients, recording new music and working on his next comic.

Charlie and Itchy from All Dogs go to Heaven


Here to There - Woodstown, Co. Waterford looking across to Wexford

Thank you so much Paul! : )

Ciaran Duffy Artwork

A new original painting by Ciaran Duffy! : D

Ciaran graduated from IADT Dún Laoghaire in 2007 and began working as a background artist and compositor on three short films with Barley Films; Charred and Feathered, Donkey and HeadSpace, and then as a 3D modeller and texture artist on Brown Bag Films television series Olivia. After working as a freelance illustrator, including providing pre-production artwork for Studio PowWows Ship Antics game and Eamonn O’Neills RCA short Left, in 2012 he joined Cartoon Saloon as a key background artist on Song of the Sea and after he became the co-Art Director on The Breadwinner.

Can you smell the fresh air?!...

Thank you so much Ciaran! : )

Antonia Gancheva Artwork

Check out these three new original pieces, a combination of watercolours and pencils by Antonia Gancheva! : D

Antonia was born in Bulgaria, grown up and raised in England. She studied at the Arts University Bournemouth, then worked at Karrot Animation Studios in London for 2 years. Whilst there she got to work on different shows such as BAFTA award-winning "Sarah and Duck" and 5 time Emmy awards winner "The Snowy Day" where she was the assistant Art Director. She loves to travel and explore so after she finished working in London she went travelling and spent time drawing for a year. Halfway through her trip around Japan she got offered a job at Lighthouse Studios, so as soon as she came back she moved to Kilkenny to be a Location Designer and then Senior Layout Artist on Bug Diaries. That was a year ago :D Time flies! Paulina is moving to Cartoon Saloon to work as a Scene Illustrator on Wolfwalkers

Thanks so much Toni! : )

Pepina Manolova Artwork

Artist Pepina Manolova presents...! : D

Madagascar, ''Food market'' - mixed technique

In 2014, Pepina graduated from the National School of Fine Arts "Ilia Petrov", Bulgaria - where she specialized in Illustration and Book Design and participated in various exhibitions. After finishing her study, her dreams and adventurous nature took her away to England, where in 2017 she graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, BA Animation Production. The magic of learning how to bring a drawing to life become true and she ended up in beautiful Ireland. Currently, she's working as Junior Animator at Lighthouse Studios. 

Pepina is constantly creating - in her dreams, in her relationships, in the way he wakes up in the morning... In her work, she loves experimenting and challenging herself. Nature is her greatest inspiration and she often observes it. As she says, ideas are around us, we need to be awake for them! :)

Thank you so much Pepina! : )

Friday, 25 May 2018

Mark Saunders Artwork

Three exciting prints by Mark Saunders! : D

Mark is currently part of the Bug Diaries team in Lighthouse Studios.  His artwork starts as a standard photograph that he takes on his phone, usually of people or nature but not exclusively.
The digital image is made by manipulating and layering photos with a variety of software. 

Thank you so much Mark! : )

Jose M. Navarro Artwork

A new original piece by Jose M. Navarro! : D

El Nacimiento de una Musculosa
(The birth of a Muscle-Queen)

Jose is an artist of collage and mixed media as well as a filmmaker and writer. He has a major background in the animation and film industry. A cabinet of underground icons, counter-culture, pop and folklore blended into images that clash, his most personal pieces of art play in a muddy frontier where the canvas works as a meeting point for the unexpected and the fantastic.

Jose worked as a development production coordinator in Cartoon Saloon as well as a coordinator, scene prep artist and comp artist in the short film Late Afternoon. He is also the author - under the name of J. Torment - of the queer fantasy novel Ravenclaws, a fairy tale where pigs believe they're queens and heroes don't kiss princesses.

Thank you so much Jose! : )

Anne Bolger Artwork

Two new originals by Artist Anne Bolger! : D

Anne started in Cartoon Saloon as a Scene prep artist on Puffin Rock and is currently working also in the scene prep department on Pete the Cat.

Thanks so much Anne! : )

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Almu Redondo Artwork

Two new originals by Almu Redondo! : D

Almu is a Concept and Storyboard Artist who hails from Pamplona, travelling the world with her backpack and working in Beijing, Bournemouth and London, she has landed in the beautiful Kilkenny.  Architect in a past life, she started her career in VFX working in films as Jason Bourne, live-action Aladdin and the Voyage of Dr. Doolitle. Finding her home in the world of animation, she has worked for studios like Axis /Flaunt or Blue Zoo and currently in the amazing studios in Kilkenny.

There are eight beautiful animals in the first piece, go find them! 

Also, do you recognize the view on the second piece?...

Thank you so much Almu! : )

Clara Avedillo Artwork

New awesome artwork by Clara Avedillo! : D

Clara was born in Spain and she is a children book illustrator. She has just started working as a scene illustrator in Wolfwalkers.

Her pieces consist in an A3 linocut printmaking made with two inks. It's an illustration of the character Tiffany Aching, a young witch from Terry Pratchett's books.

The second one is a small lino print of a band of furry musicians.

And last but not least, a signed copy of the self-published book "Our Forest". A concertina wordless limited edition book, there are only 200 copies!

Thanks so much Clara! : )