Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Almu Redondo Artwork

Two new originals by Almu Redondo! : D

Almu is a Concept and Storyboard Artist who hails from Pamplona, travelling the world with her backpack and working in Beijing, Bournemouth and London, she has landed in the beautiful Kilkenny.  Architect in a past life, she started her career in VFX working in films as Jason Bourne, live-action Aladdin and the Voyage of Dr. Doolitle. Finding her home in the world of animation, she has worked for studios like Axis /Flaunt or Blue Zoo and currently in the amazing studios in Kilkenny.

There are eight beautiful animals in the first piece, go find them! 

Also, do you recognize the view on the second piece?...

Thank you so much Almu! : )

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