Sunday, 27 May 2018

Pepina Manolova Artwork

Artist Pepina Manolova presents...! : D

Madagascar, ''Food market'' - mixed technique

In 2014, Pepina graduated from the National School of Fine Arts "Ilia Petrov", Bulgaria - where she specialized in Illustration and Book Design and participated in various exhibitions. After finishing her study, her dreams and adventurous nature took her away to England, where in 2017 she graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, BA Animation Production. The magic of learning how to bring a drawing to life become true and she ended up in beautiful Ireland. Currently, she's working as Junior Animator at Lighthouse Studios. 

Pepina is constantly creating - in her dreams, in her relationships, in the way he wakes up in the morning... In her work, she loves experimenting and challenging herself. Nature is her greatest inspiration and she often observes it. As she says, ideas are around us, we need to be awake for them! :)

Thank you so much Pepina! : )

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