Friday, 25 May 2018

Jose M. Navarro Artwork

A new original piece by Jose M. Navarro! : D

El Nacimiento de una Musculosa
(The birth of a Muscle-Queen)

Jose is an artist of collage and mixed media as well as a filmmaker and writer. He has a major background in the animation and film industry. A cabinet of underground icons, counter-culture, pop and folklore blended into images that clash, his most personal pieces of art play in a muddy frontier where the canvas works as a meeting point for the unexpected and the fantastic.

Jose worked as a development production coordinator in Cartoon Saloon as well as a coordinator, scene prep artist and comp artist in the short film Late Afternoon. He is also the author - under the name of J. Torment - of the queer fantasy novel Ravenclaws, a fairy tale where pigs believe they're queens and heroes don't kiss princesses.

Thank you so much Jose! : )

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