Thursday, 3 May 2018

Laura Morenoyanguas Artwork

And the first donated books of the Auction have arrived! : D

Artist and entrepreneur Laura Morenoyanguas works as a Background Artist on Pete the Cat by day and as an Illustrator and Publisher by night! 

These two super fun books are sketched and signed. Small note, they are in Spanish - never too late to learn! ; ) 

Laura also shares with us how these books became a reality, read below!

"The story of this books started when I moved to live to Kilkenny (almost two years ago now) and I was working for our Publishing house in Spain: One day I met Paul Young's daughter Robyn and I felt totally in love with her. 
I was very inspired by her and I decided to start some character designs, just for fun, more childish than this ones. (Thanks Robyn!) 

Then I thought that could be a good idea for "La Tribu" to make a book with Esther, my partner in the company, for our catalogue about girls who want to make good noise ;) lml lml . We use to publish books for a target around 5 to 9 years old and the idea at the beginning was totally different.

In the end, a friend who works as a publisher in Penguin (And other publishing house) convinced us to publish the books with them and everything went more commercial and the project mutated to a series of books for 9-12 year old more or less. The characters changed to an older target but the idea still there.
I made the books at the same time that I was working in the studio and was too much. Never more! I couldn't do it very well 'cause I didn't have time and more energy but I'm happy that I started and finished. It´s our more personal work :)

If you want to learn, or practice Spanish is a very good story for all the family. Only to finish, I want to say that the main character is called Robyn, is from Kilkenny and she moves to Madrid, where she met the rest of the band. They are known as "Beastie Girls".

That's the synopsis:

What do all girls want? The Rock Girls know: they want to have their own rock band! Meet Robyn, Carmen, Alex, Ava and the twins Ely and Oly and follow them on their crazy adventures on their path to stardom.
  But maybe the girls have too different styles to be able to play together:  Carmen is romantic, Alex is punk, the twins are on another planet and Ava is Zen. How are they going to get along? Will they always be divided or will they manage to start The Rock Girls?

Thanks so much Laura!  : )

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